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Welcome to Janice Minor Export Inc.

Each piece in Janice Minor Export is carefully tailor-made to accommodate both functionality and design.  Janice Minor, the woman behind it all, along with her husband Paul Minor pioneered the use of mixed media, recycled glass, gemstones and petrified wood—along with the staple wrought iron and rattan—in order to create sophisticated and unique furniture pieces that are of world-class quality. Since its pioneering days in 1986, Janice Minor Export, Inc. have dedicated their work to the art of exquisite home furnishing. Today, it has risen to be one of the country's leading exporters of furniture and home accessories.

Furthermore, Janice Minor Export, Inc. has received several “Katha Awards” for Design Excellence at the Manila International Trade Fairs because of its pioneering use of mixed media in manufacturing. It is also the recipient of the most coveted Golden Shell Award for its excellent performance in export.

Its exports reach North America, Europe, Latin America, Australia, Canada, Middle East, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan. Janice Minor is the name for exquisiteness, creativity, and functionality. From elegant chandeliers and chic iron decors to stunning lamps and more, the Janice Minor Export will add a beautiful touch of elegance to any home or space.